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Our future vision for the Rhineland Mining Area in brief

You are interested in the structural transition process in the Rhineland Mining Area, but you are not a native German speaker? Then our English documents are certainly a good introduction to the topic.

The subfolder in the download area is gradually filling up. The latest document we have put there for those interested is translating the short version of our Economic and Structural Programme (German: Wirtschafts- und Strukturprogramm, short WSP).

If you want to learn more about the direction the region is developing to, the areas in which changes are imminent, and why this should ensure secure jobs and a better quality of life for locals, you should read this abstract.

We plan to provide more information about our work and the region’s progress in the near future, at least in short versions. If you urgently need information in English or other languages, please feel free to contact the Communications Department!

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